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Entrust Elevates Assurance for Digital Transactions and Agreements With New Verified Signing Solution




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Entrust Verified Signing:

  • Enables higher-risk, high-value digital transactions with a solution that integrates IAM and identity verification with secure digital signing
  • Enables deployment of seamless, secure, and trusted electronic signature workflows into existing environments
  • Helps support compliance with state, country, and multinational regulations such as the U.S. E-Sign Act and EU eIDAS

MINNEAPOLIS (November 15, 2023)Entrust, a global leader in identity and data security, today announced Entrust Verified Signing, a comprehensive solution designed to raise the level of trust and assurance in vital digital transactions and agreements.

The Entrust Verified Signing solution integrates identity verification and identity and access management (IAM) with digital signatures to identify and authenticate people on both sides of digital transactions. The identified signing capabilities can be integrated into an organization’s existing business processes and workflows or be deployed as a turnkey electronic signature solution.

“In a recent survey by analyst firm IDC, 86% of IT decision-makers said that they had invested in e-signature software in the past year and 85% said that they planned to do so in the next 12-18 months. But identity has been a barrier to digitalizing in-person processes – how to maintain trust in the identity of parties on each side of a high-risk, regulated transaction without face-to-face interaction. Being able to verify the identity of both sides brings peace of mind and helps ensure compliance,” said Bhagwat Swaroop, President, Digital Security Solutions at Entrust.

The Verified Signing solution from Entrust enables identity authentication of people by using multiple sources, including public eID schemes, corporate identities, ID cards or passports, and digital certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA) or qualified trust service provider (QTSP). By seamlessly integrating identity verification and access management with secure digital signing, Entrust provides organizations with the critical identity assurance they need to meet compliance requirements and deliver digital workflows for high-risk agreements like loans, mortgages, real estate transactions, and more.

Entrust is getting recognized for its position in the market, recently being named a “Major Player” in the 2023 IDC MarketScape Worldwide eSignature Software report. According to the report, “Entrust offers a complete, enterprise-grade e-signature solution” and “Organizations should consider Entrust when they are seeking end-to-end identity and access management capabilities that are well integrated with an e-signature solution and a broad range of enterprise applications.”

Entrust Verified Signing solutions are built on proven Entrust capabilities. The company is a leading certificate authority, an eIDAS qualified trust service provider (QTSP), a long-standing member of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL), and a member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC). The solution helps support compliance with state, country, and multi-national regulations such as the U.S. E-Sign Act and EU eiDAS. Entrust digital signing and identity and access management solutions are deployed successfully by banks, governments, and enterprises around the world.

“With Verified Signing, Entrust is placing identity and security at the core of e-signatures for a range of use cases that include high-assurance transactions as well as support for phishing-resistant identities with certificate-based authentication and the digital account onboarding process,” Swaroop said. “By leveraging Entrust expertise and innovation, organizations can deploy secure digital transactions with greater confidence, helping to mitigate fraud, improve customer and employee relationships, and increase operational efficiency, while aligning with key electronic signing industry standards.”

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