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China Everbright Bank Selects Datacard Group to Deliver Financial DIY and Instant Issuance Solutions




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNETONKA, Minn.—(September 08, 2014)—Datacard Group today announced that China Everbright Bank, a financial services provider headquartered in Beijing with 807 branches, is enhancing its overall customer experience by implementing Datacard® financial instant issuance solutions for in-branch issuance of permanent credit cards.

With Datacard instant issuance solutions, China Everbright Bank customers now have the ability to walk into their local branch, choose a personalized background image for their credit card, and receive the new card immediately. This reduces the waiting period for a traditional credit card application and card mailing from 10 days to 5 minutes and increases card usage as well as customer loyalty.

“For decades, the Credit Card division of China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd was devoted to delivering more satisfaction to cardholders by understanding their needs, improving user experience, and actively developing desirable new products, new channels and new services.” said Ms. Bing Dai, general manager of China Everbright Bank Credit Card Center. “Through the joint efforts of China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd and Datacard Group, we launched a DIY instant issuance system. This system leads the credit card industry into a new era in which the approval and production of DIY credit cards can be processed in real-time.”

“Furthermore, personalized credit cards set the trend for customized service in the financial industry, as this system offers customers an instant solution for getting a personalized credit card. After this system launched, DIY cards became one of the most unique and popular products in our innovative credit card product line,” added Dai.

The overall solution includes Datacard Group’s flagship proven and robust Datacard® CardWizard® instant issuance software and Datacard® CE870TM instant issuance systems with embossing and indenting, graphics printing, and magnetic stripe and smart card encoding.

“Enhancing the in-branch customer experience was the primary goal for China Everbright Bank so that they could continue to improve customer loyalty and attract new customers,” said Timothy Cheung, president of Datacard China and Hong Kong.  “Instant issuance is also proven to drive card usage and overall profitability. The ability to issue secure financial chip cards on-demand through a hybrid, multi-channel instant and central issuance delivery model helps the bank meet cardholder expectations and will position their brand competitively in the market.”

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