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The CD820F is a flat card issuer that enhances the security functions required of financial institutions in order to respond more flexibly to the needs of accelerating immediate issuance services. 

We support the issuance of flat-type cards for applications that are diversified from IC cash cards to safe deposit box cards.



It supports magnetic encoding (JIS) as standard, and optionally supports encoding to IC chips.

Graphics Features

High-quality full-color printing function. Supports monochrome printing, and prints text and barcodes clearly on the card surface.

Enhanced Security

  • triple lock: interlocking the following three functions with one key 
  • electronic lock: the command allows remote control of the lock from the operating terminal. 
  • data encryption: encrypts communication data with AES-128, 3DES, etc. to protect it from unauthorized access.

Various End Detection Functions

This function checks the number of cards and notifies you that the remaining number of cards has become 0. (card, thermal transfer film)


Print Specifications

Print type

  • color
  • monochrome

Maximum print speed1 (s/sheet)

  • color
    • 25 [YMCKT+JIS]
    • 32 [YMCKT-KT+JIS]
  • monochrome
    • 17 [KT+JIS]
    • 19 [KTT+JIS]

Print method

  • color: sublimation type thermal transfer
  • monochrome: molten thermal transfer

Print resolution (dpi)

  • 300

Print gradation

  • color: 256

Printed surface

  • single or double-sided

Printable area2

  • edge to edge

Body Specifications

Input hopper (type)

  • color: multi (6 hopper)
  • monochrome: single

Input hopper allowed3

  • color: 600 pieces up to 100 pieces of hopper each
  • monochrome: 100 sheets

Allowable number of output hoppers3

  • 25

Interrupt slot and allowable reject trays3

  • 10

Print ribbon

  • cartridge method


  • USB2.0, 10/100Base-T/TX Ethernet

Electrical specifications

  • AC100V 50/60Hz

Encoding options

  • magnetic stripe/IC card

Physical Specifications4

Body dimensions (WxDxH: mm)

  • color: 419 x 699 x 368
  • monochrome: 224 x 538 x 224

Body weight (kg)

  • color: 15.0
  • monochrome: 5.5

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature (°c)

  • 15~35

Operating humidity (%RH)

  • 20% to 80% (non-condensing)

Conformity standards, etc. (safety/environment)

  • UL, VCCI, RoHS compliant, PSE mark (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act)

Standard warranty

  • 12 months

Compatible Card Specifications5

Standard or brand

  • conforms to JIS-X6301 ID-1 card

Card size (WxH: mm)

  • 85.6 x 53.98

Card thickness (mm)

  • 0.76-0.84

1 It varies depending on the encoding, the design to be printed, and the amount of data.

2 Depending on the design, you may need to adjust the print position. It cannot be printed on magnetic stripes, IC chips, sign panels, and 2.5 mm around. We recommend printing tests on your card. For details, please contact us.

3 When 0.76mm thick.

4 The option is not installed.

5 Testing on the card you are using is recommended. for details, please contact us.

CD820F Data Sheet