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Printer Manager D3.18.1 Printer Setting - VPD Tab


Printer Manager D3.18.1 Printer Setting with SDO Notes - VPD (Vital Product Data) Tab

1) AgencyModelName PX30 Depends on the configuration.
2) Manufacturer Entrust Datacard As long as this doesn't change, we are OK.
3) ModelName CE870 Printer model name, assigned by the manufacturer or dealer. This is the default value. If the printer should be any other model it has lost its settings file. Contact SDO for recovery options. DO NOT TAKE OUT OF FACTORY MODE!!
4) PartNumber Default 505225-001
5) PrinterName Unassigned
6) SerialNumber A00001 This value MUST be changed upon Main Logic Board replacement!! MAC ADDRESS TOO!!!!
7) SettingsVersion 0