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Standard ID Solutions from Entrust

Learn more about enhancing user experience, security, and personalization, all with one card. As your security issues become more challenging with tighter budgets, you also have to consider the user experience, card durability, as well as branding elements.

L'evoluzione del PQC, dalla ricerca alla standardizzazione

In this podcast episode, host Samantha Mabey talks to Brian LaMacchia, President of FARCASTER Consulting Group and former Distinguised Engineer for Cryptography at Microsoft, about the decades of research that’s gone into Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC), and how the pace and intensity of academic PQ research compares with previous eras of cryptography. They also discuss the standardization process of PQC, including the algorithms under review in the NIST competition today, and how PQC standards are likely to evolve in the future.

Threats to Artificial Intelligence

Il mondo si affida sempre più all'intelligenza artificiale per migliorare le modalità di condurre affari, assistere i cittadini e vivere la vita. Come possiamo proteggere l'IA da se stessa e dalle forze che metterebbero a rischio i potenziali benefici che crea? Per saperne di più, ascolta il conduttore Ken Kadet e gli ospiti Greg Wetmore and Pali Surdhar.

The Science Behind Quantum Computers

Host Samantha Mabey interviews award-winning quantum physicist and CEO of Nu Quantum, Dr. Carmen Palacios-Berraquero on the science of quantum computing, the main technologies at play in the industry, and the opportunities our growing understanding of quantum physics will enable. From the Entrust Engage podcast Post Quantum Cryptography series, originally posted in May 2022.

Post Quantum Series Episode 2: The Impact of Post-Quantum Cryptography on Constrained Devices

In this special post-quantum episode, guest host, Samantha Mabey, speaks with Dr. Sarah McCarthy, cryptographic strategist at evolutionQ and an affiliate of the University of Waterloo, and Anthony Hu, senior software developer at wolfSSL to discuss the impact of post-quantum on constrained devices from WIFI doorbells, to thermometers, to automotive tire pressure sensors and how these devices are going to manage algorithms that are at least 20x bigger and heavier than elliptic curve cryptography.

Post-Quantum Series Episode 1: The Road to PQ Preparedness

In this special post-quantum episode, guest host, Samantha Mabey, speaks with Sandy Carielli, Principal Analyst at Forrester, for her insights on the recent uptick in government action that has been taking place – such as the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act – and what that means non-federal agencies. She also discusses some of the challenges organizations will face when it comes to preparing for and migrating to post-quantum cryptography.

Building the Foundations for Zero Trust

Entrust experts Mark Ruchie, Rishi Kaushal and Greg Wetmore talk about the building blocks of a robust Zero Trust framework, the CISA maturity model and more. It’s clear from the discussion that today we find ourselves at a turning point – zero trust is now a priority and focus for leaders at the highest level of organizations and governments alike.

2023 Predictions

The cybersecurity arms race is accelerating. That’s the clear lesson of 2022 for those of us committed to protecting organizations from the perils of cyberattacks. But what about the year to come? Join our host Ken Kadet as he speaks to the experts to find out their predictions for cybersecurity in 2023.

Protect vs Detect

Every time you see a big cybersecurity crisis or incident -- like Colonial Pipeline, Solar Winds, log4j -- leaders and Boards rush out to invest more in monitoring and detection technologies … but are we neglecting the “roads and bridges” of data protection and access management?

The Future of Identity: Balancing Security and Convenience

In today's digital age, identity has become a powerful and valuable commodity. But who owns it, and how can we protect it? Join us in this episode of the Entrust Cybersecurity Institute podcast as we explore the future of identity with our team of experts. From the challenges of authentication and password security to the role of biometrics and digital government IDs, we'll delve into the key issues facing companies today. We'll also discuss the pros and cons of centralized vs. decentralized identity solutions, and share our predictions for what's to come.
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