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Strategic partnership with Microsoft

Bringing our portfolio of trusted identity solutions to Microsoft customers enables secure connections between people, systems, and devices to streamline IT deployment, mitigate risk, and reduce fraud. Together, we enable even higher levels of growth and innovation. Entrust is an official member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.
Entrust and Microsoft Strategic Partnership

Secure your Systems

Modern enterprises have seen an increase in mobile devices and cloud environments. Better flexibility and accessibility, yes, but both also introduce more risk. Together, Entrust and Microsoft have developed a suite of integrations that enforce trusted identity within transactions and between devices and systems.

Mobile Device Management

With Microsoft Intune, organizations can easily manage all of their mobile devices and applications, seamlessly enabling enterprise mobility. The integration of Entrust PKI and Intune enables these organizations to issue certificates via Entrust to provide seamless device authentication to applications and on-premises resources.

Modern device provisioning

Windows Autopilot automates the heavy lifting usually required to provision new devices. With the integration of Entrust PKI, you can enable secure access to corporate resources such as WiFi, VPN, and core applications during provisioning with the issuance of device certificates by Entrust through Microsoft Intune. The costs and time required to set up devices is greatly reduced, and your devices gain additional security based on trusted identity.
Entrust and Microsoft Strategic Partnership

Secure your Users

The evolution of mobile and cloud have introduced a broad range of applications and endpoints - and magnified challenges in user identity management and authentication. Entrust and Microsoft have a suite of integrations for directory services, user authentication, and access control that allow you to easily leverage the best-in-class capabilities of both vendors.

User management with Active Directory

The integration of Windows Server Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory environments with Entrust Identity-as-a-service streamlines user identity management, enabling you to leverage existing user and attribute information for quick and effortless deployment.

Microsoft application authentication

Whether you’re seeking to add effortless, strong authentication to Windows login or streamline access to Microsoft cloud applications such as Office 365, Entrust Identity-as-a-service provides the most modern mobile and adaptive authentication to secure your business while creating a frictionless user experience. Integrations also extend to legacy applications with rich protocol support, including CAPI, ISAPI, ADFS, Radius, SAML, and OpenID connect.

Azure Active Directory conditional access

Microsoft now offers customers, Microsoft now offers customers access management capabilities with Azure Active Directory Conditional Access. Entrust Identity-as-a-Service brings an additional layer of authentication to Azure Active Directory to meet the flexibility and varied needs of your users, from grid cards and hardware tokens to mobile push and the most secure certificate-based approaches with our mobile smart credential. Your applications, data, and organization will be protected with an authentication that’s easy to deploy and use.

PIV-Compliant Government mobility

Through participation in Entrust’s Technology Alliance Program, Microsoft Intune integrated our certificate-based, mobile smart credential technology to provide secure, frictionless physical and logical access control to mobile users. This Derived PIV credential solution establishes secure remote access to U.S. Federal Government networks and applications via certificate-based authentication. Visit Microsoft’s blog to learn more.

Entrust and Microsoft Strategic Partnership

Secure your Solutions

Managed Microsoft PKI Service

Maintain your Microsoft PKI solution while eliminating the need for in-house resources and the highly specialized skillset required to properly manage digital identity and certificates. Your own dedicated Microsoft PKI is delivered as a managed service and hosted in Azure.