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iText Software

iText is a global leader in innovative award-winning PDF software, including iText 7 Suite and iText DITO.

iText is used by millions of users - both open source and commercial - around the world to create digital documents for a variety of purposes: invoices, credit card statements, mobile boarding passes, legal archiving and more.

iText works and works well. Our customers choose iText because of our world-class quality of software, and our reliable mature, proven technology in the iText 7 Suite. We are recognized as a global thought leader and innovator in PDF solutions and functionalities.

As an open-source PDF library, iText 7 Core can be embedded into the document solution workflows of various industries and their applications.

iText also offers iText DITO, a low-code template-based PDF document generator. It both alleviates developer workload and empowers business users, by simplifying the process of creating and maintaining data-driven PDF templates, reducing the time and cost of document automation projects. iText DITO consists of a WYSIWYG browser-based template designer and a PDF generation Java SDK built to handle enterprise-level requirements and volumes. The SDK is also available as a Docker wrapper for convenient deployment, easy scaling and language-agnostic interfacing.

Our diverse customer base includes many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as small companies and government agencies. We strongly believe in the value of open-source software. Our core library, iText 7, is available under the AGPL license. We also offer commercial licensing for customers that do not wish to comply with AGPL and want to keep their source code private.

Solution Description

A customized PDF creation workflow that integrates digital sealing and timestamping for content authenticity and integrity.

IText 7 Suite is leveraging Entrust Signing Automation service to enable a customized PDF creation workflow that integrates digital sealing and timestamping for content authenticity and integrity. The main benefits of the joint solution are:

  • A fully integrated and automated solution. Allows for unattended document issuance and sealing.
  • Guaranteed compatibility and compliance thanks to global standards and mature technology for PDFs, digital signing and timestamping.
  • Increased user confidence with visual indicators about the document’s authenticity and integrity in major PDF readers.
  • Significant gains in efficiency, scalability and trust in electronic documents.


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Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program



  • Digital Signing

Integration Guide: Entrust SAM - iTEXT

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