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The terms and conditions below govern the sale of Entrust products and services. The General Terms may be supplemented and/or superseded by the individual agreements that appear beneath the product headings following the General Terms. In addition, the terms and conditions below do not apply if Entrust has entered into a separate master or other supervening agreement for an applicable product or service with the customer.

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Digital Signing Software: Signature Activation Module, Signing Automation Server, Remote Signing Server

Digital Signing as a Service: Signing Automation Service, Remote Signing Service

Evidos SignHost

SignHost Credits Structure

Type of service/verification Description Credits
Transaction invitation including 2 e-signatures/seals Electronic signatures/seals with transaction receipt for audit trail. Transaction can include up to 2 electronic signatures/seals Note: Certificate-based signatures/seals issued to individuals or enterprise requires a separate purchase 1 credit
Extra e-signature One additional electronic signature per transaction + 0,5 credit
Extra e-seal One additional electronic seal per transaction + 0,5 credit
SMS verification for signing One signer’s identity verification using SMS OTP Note: Other types of verifications such as Federated IdP for signing requires a separate purchase + 0,2 credit