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Sigma - Printer Components - Multi-Hopper Printer


Sigma Printer Components Multi-Hopper Printer.

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Input Hoppers 1–6 Each hopper cartridge in the multi-hopper holds up to 125 cards (0.030 in. or 0.762 mm thickness).
Hopper Lock Bars The lock bars rotate to the left to allow access to the hopper cartridge doors, so that you can load cards into the cartridges.
Output Hopper The output hopper holds up to 25 completed cards.
Multi-Hopper Lock The multi-hopper lock secures all six input hoppers. The lock can be opened using a key, or by using the Card Printer Driver SDK with your application. Refer to the Windows XPS Driver Software Development Kit Programmer’s Reference Guide for more information. Sending a command to open the lock opens all locks on the printer and on any attached component.
Lock Bar Release Button (B1) The release button (B1) releases the lock bars in front of the input hopper cartridges. Slide the button to the left to release the bars. You must have unlocked the multi-hopper using the key or a software command before the lock bars can be released.
Cartridge Release Buttons The cartridge release buttons allow you to remove the cartridge from the multi-hopper unit. Push in the buttons, squeeze the cartridge, and pull it out from the multi-hopper.
Notes :
  • You do not need to remove a hopper cartridge to load cards.
  • Hopper cartridges can be removed for secure storage.
Exception Slide The exception slide allows you to insert a single card into the printer without unlocking the multi-hopper or opening a hopper cartridge.