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How do I create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for my Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)?


A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to issue a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC), similar to other types of digital certificates.

There are many tools available that can be used to generate a CSR, such as Open SSL, Java Keytool, and many other tools that are available as part of an Operating System.

Since VMCs are not installed on any server (they are simply pointed to in your DNS BIMI record), it does not really matter what tool is used to generate the CSR.

In addition, the private key that is used to generate the CSR is not used as part of the VMC BIMI configuration and can simply be destroyed after it the CSR has been generated.

Note : The following CSR generation guides may include information related to SSL/TLS certificates. Use the following structure when specifying the CSR fields:

  • Common Name (CN): The legal organization name

  • Organization (O): The legal organization name

  • Locality (L): The location of the organization (city, town)

  • State(ST):  The state or province where your organization is located

  • Country (C): The country where your organization is located

Generate a Certificate Signing Request using Windows
Generate a Certificate Signing Request using Java Keytool
Generate a Certificate Signing Request using OpenSSL

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