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The current WebID ActiveX controls which are digitally signed, have a signature that is expiring on 12/19/2019. The newly signed ActiveX controls are available and can be downloaded from this location.


Expiration of existing ActiveX Controls. Newly signed ActiveX controls are available for download


  1. Download Attachment 1 (below) named "".
  2. Extract the files from the zip file and copy the .cab files to the appropriate locations on your WebID Web Server, listed in the Readme1st.txt file.  If you have the old .cab files in a different location than what is specified in the Readme1st.txt file, then locate where each of the .cab files reside on your Web Server and replace the old .cab files with the new ones.
  3. Perform an IISRESET command on your Web Server.

Note: You may need to manually remove the ActiveX controls from your Client Workstation if the server does not push the new ActiveX controls down to each workstation upon a successful logon.