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Printer Manager D3.18.1 Printer Setting - Front Panel


Printer Manager D3.18.1 Printer Setting with SDO Notes - Front Panel

1) BacklightBrightness 100 Darken to increase display life. They will last 5 years (Design life) at 100 %.
2) KeySenseLevel 5 Up more sensitive, down less sensitive
3) LcdConfigMenu Enabled Locks front panel access to settings. Users cannot change LedCardsPickedToCleaning offset, LedPrintheadCyclesToCleaning, LedRibbonLow or SpeakerEnabled.
4) LedCardsPickedToCleaning 500 500 is Okay but will increase the need for PM (Preventive Maintanence) calls over the long run.
5) LedPrintheadCyclesToCleaning 2500 Matches the above with color ribbon.
6) LedRibbonLow 10 10% is Ok but this value is not highly accurate. It has been improved with this version.
7) SpeakerEnabled Enabled When it is disabled it stops the beep,  but you will have to keep an eye on the printer.