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Clean the Magnetic Stripe Head

Clean the magnetic stripe head after every 200 cards or when you change the ink ribbon. Use an isopropanol cleaning card to perform the cleaning procedure.
  1. Unlock and open the security enclosure door.
  2. Remove any cards or card weights in the multi-hopper. Keep the security enclosure cover open.
  3. Place the isopropanol cleaning card in hopper 3.
  4. Push the card to the print unit card feed roller. Stop when the card is under the roller and engages the print unit.
User-added image
  1. At the print unit front panel. 
    1. Press Menu to display “Cleaning”. 
    2. Press Enter, then press Next to display the “MG” option.
User-added image
  1. Press Return to start the cleaning process.
User-added image The print unit pulls the cleaning card into the print unit and cleaning begins. If the card is not pulled into the unit and no errors display, lightly push the card until the roller catches it and the card moves into the unit.
  1. After the print unit ejects the card into the reject tray, press Exit to end the cleaning process.
  1. Discard the cleaning card.
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