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Entrust Solves Evolving Business Challenges for Central Issuance Providers with New Datacard MX Series Modules




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News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS – October 15, 2020Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection, today announced new enhancements to the Datacard® MX Series Card Issuance systems: the Duplex Drop on Demand Printing module; and new Metal Card Input and Metal Card Output modules. The enhancements build upon Entrust’s position as a leader in developing the core technologies needed to keep the world moving safely, while also highlighting the company’s commitment to providing customers with the scalability and flexibility needed to meet evolving business needs.

Card issuers are looking for advanced printing technologies to revolutionize the wallet. Entrust’s new solutions raise the bar on what consumers can expect from the latest payment cards and IDs – from high-security, personalization and vivid graphics to sought-after form factors like flat and metal cards.

“Central issuance providers need personalization systems that give them the flexibility to meet evolving customer requirements for best-in-class flat card or identity programs, while still maintaining consistent personalization capabilities and ease of maintenance,” said Dan Good, vice president, credential issuance solutions at Entrust. “Card issuers are caught between offering a variety of personalization capabilities for their customers and space constraints on the production floor. With these enhanced Datacard modules, card issuers can enhance and extend their high-quality services with less equipment and less space – at a lower overall cost.”

Built with mid-sized organizations in mind

Entrust’s new Duplex Drop on Demand (DoD) Printing module for the MX Series systems joins the DoD Printing Module Gen 2 in offering monochrome, color or clear printing of flat elements to personalize both sides of the card in a single module. The Duplex DoD Printing module is offered on the Datacard MX6100™ Card Issuance system and the Datacard MX8100™ Card Issuance system. Leveraging decades of industry expertise, the module is engineered to allow organizations with space-constraints to easily integrate DoD technology with a system that delivers consistent card printing capabilities.

Duplex DoD Printing systems include patented technology enabling the personalization of both sides of the card within a single module, which helps reduce cost and footprint of the Duplex DoD Printing solution. When the module is installed in an MX8100 system, the system will run duplex jobs at 2,000 card per hour (cph). Issuers can affordably grow their capability as their volumes grow by installing a second DoD Printing module to achieve 3,000 cph. Designed with trust and security in mind for financial card and government ID programs, the system features beltless card handling that ensures data integrity from the first to the last card in the job.

Support metal card programs with ease

Today’s financial institutions are looking for ways to make an impression, increasing demand for innovative payment card designs made with high-quality material such as metal. Entrust today released a new Metal Card Input module and Metal Card Output module that offer the flexibility to support personalization of metal cards on the same Datacard MX Series systems that also support PVC cards. The modules support a variety of metal cards available in the market, and offer card issuers an easy-to-implement, affordable addition to any card program without the need for standalone systems that require additional space.

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