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Mainly focuses on Smart Cards and mobile convergence. UBIVELOX experienced in various areas including banking, telecommunication, transportation and national ID cards. What’s more, we provide smart card system solutions as well as secure elements. Our competitive advantage in the smart card industry is that we provide smart cards, related solutions and manufacturing system. What makes us the top global company is that we deliver 80 million banking cards per year and we produce 40 to 50 million cards as licensed business System on chip. For more information, visit

Jointly Integrated Solutions

Through participation in the EMV – Chip Vendor Technology Program track and in cooperation with Entrust, both companies work closely together to share technical specifications, product roadmaps and EMV expertise needed to develop personalization applications for customers. Customers drive all development work but the program is designed so that the chip vendors and Entrust cooperate in support of EMV chips based on current and technologically advancing issuance needs.

Solution Description

UBIVELOX Inc. together with Entrust cooperate in sharing EMV technology specifications and the support needed to deliver on customer EMV development and implementation projects.


14F, Pan Pacific Building, 12, Digital-ro, 31-gil



South Korea

Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program



  • EMV Technology

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