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R3 is a provider of enterprise technology and services that enable direct, digital collaboration in regulated industries where trust is critical. Multi-party solutions developed on R3 platforms harness the “Power of 3” – R3’s trust technology, connected networks, and regulated markets expertise – to drive innovation and improve processes in banking, capital markets, global trade, and insurance.

As one of the first companies to deliver both a private distributed ledger technology (DLT) application platform and confidential computing platform called Corda, R3 empowers institutions to realize the full potential of trusted direct collaboration. R3 maintains a DLT production ecosystem connecting over 400 institutions from both private and public sectors.

Corda is R3’s open-source Blockchain platform, Corda Enterprise is the commercial version. Corda records, manages, and executes the financial agreements of institutions in synch with their peers, creating a world of frictionless commerce.

Corda Enterprise integrates with Entrust nShield® hardware security modules (HSMs) to store the legal identity keys. Offloading cryptographic operation within the FIPS and Common Criteria certified nShield HSM delivers high performance and enhanced security.


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