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Sigma - Repair a Broken Ribbon


A ribbon can break if the power applied by the printhead is too high. Do the following to repair a broken ribbon.

How-to Video

Repair a Broken Ribbon


  1. Open the printer and remove the print ribbon cartridge or cassette.
User-added image Do not remove the used ribbon from the take-up spool. User-added image
  1. Trim the ends of the broken ribbon evenly.
  2. Align the ends of the broken ribbon and apply adhesive tape to secure them.
  3. Turn the take-up spool counterclockwise until the mended portion is wound around the spool two or three turns.
  4. Reinstall the print ribbon cartridge in the printer.
  5. Close the printer.
User-added image A broken ribbon can become stuck in the printhead cover.
Check the cover to make sure that the ribbon is not stuck to the cover.