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Clean the print unit after every 200 cards or when you change the ink ribbon.

Use the single-sided, adhesive cleaning card (part no. 506277-001) to clean the card load roller, the print unit card feed rollers, and the heated roller. The card load roller moves cards into the print unit. The card feed rollers move the card through the printer. The heated roller provides the heat that transfers the film to the card. Clean the print unit after every 200 cards or when you change the ink ribbon.

User-added image Caution: Use the single-sided cleaning card whose label reads “Printer Only.” Inserting a double-sided cleaning card into the printer will damage the printer.

  1. Before beginning this procedure, do the following:
    1. Clean the cleaning unit as described in “Clean the Card Cleaning Rollers and Cleaning Unit” on page 20.
    2. Clean the multi-hopper as described in “Clean the Multi-Hopper” on page 24.
    3. If closed, unlock and open the security enclosure door and the print unit door.
    4. Power off the printer. Wait approximately 10 to 20 minutes for the printer to cool down.

User-added image Caution: Do not clean the heated roller while it is hot. Allow the printer to cool, or perform cleaning before the heated roller reaches operating temperature.

  1. Remove the concealed output stacker.
  2. Remove the retransfer film cartridge
    1. a. Press the retransfer film cartridge eject button and remove the retransfer film cartridge.
    2. b. Close the print unit door.
  3. Remove the cards from the multi-hopper. Keep the security enclosure cover open.
  4. Remove the protective paper from the single-sided cleaning card.

User-added image Caution: Make sure that you use the single-sided cleaning card with the label “Printer Only” and part no. 506277-001. Inserting the incorrect cleaning card into the printer will damage the printer.

  1. Insert the cleaning card into the exception card slide with the sticky side facing up.

User-added image

  1. Move the cleaning card through the printer.
  1. Rotate the shuttle to the down position.
  2. Push the exception card slide in, past the resistance until it reaches the stop position.
  3. Push the card to the print unit card feed roller.
  4. Stop when the card is under the roller and engages the printer.

User-added image

  1. Power on the printer. The message “Film Search A1” displays on the print unit front panel.

User-added image

  1. Use the print unit front panel to run the cleaning card.
  1. Press Menu to display “Cleaning”.
  2. Press Enter to display “Rollers OK?”.
  3. Press Return to display “Film checking” followed by “Cleaning Start OK”.
  4. Press Return.

User-added image The print unit pulls the cleaning card into the print unit and cleaning begins. If the card is not pulled into the unit and no errors display, lightly push the card until the roller catches it and the card moves into the unit.

  1. The cleaning card is discharged and “Cleaning Start OK?” displays again.
  2. Turn the cleaning card over and place it in the exception card slide with the sticky side facing down. Refer to step 7 to position the card properly.
  3. Press Return.
  4. When the cleaning card is discharged, press Exit to end the cleaning process.
  5. Discard the used cleaning card.

User-added image Caution: Use a cleaning card one time only. Reusing a card can damage the rollers.

  1. When cleaning is complete:
    1. Reinstall the retransfer film cartridge.
    2. Replace the concealed output stacker.