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Building and maintaining trust

Bad actors steal user identities and spoof device identities to commit all sorts of cybercrimes. According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, compromised credentials are the root cause of 80% of all data breaches. Our digital security portfolio helps you enable and maintain trust in:

  • Workforce Identity Solution
  • Customer Identity and Access Management Solution
  • Citizen Digital Identity Solution
  • Machine Identity and Management Solution

Workforce Identities

Today’s hybrid remote workforce demands secure anytime access to corporate resources from anywhere on any device, which requires a new approach to keeping workforce identities secure.

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How to enable trusted consumer identities

Verify and protect consumer identities with continuous authentication for a seamless user experience.

Citizen Identities

Improve government service delivery and citizen experience with trusted digital citizen credentials.

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How to enable trusted machine identities

Secure device connections and communications with strong encryption and key management.

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