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How to Onboard a Legacy Printer to Instant IDaaS


How-to Video: Legacy Printer Onboarding for Instant IDaaS

How-to Video

Onboard a Printer to Instant IDaaS

How to Onboard a Printer with Instant IDaaS

This video demonstrates how to prepare a legacy printer for cloud and onboard to Instant IDaaS.

It also demonstrates how to prepare and onboard the following printer models, provided they meet the serial number criteria listed:

  • CD800 C48319 - and lower than C85620
  • CE840 G11029 - and lower than G14422
  • SD260L D16232 - and lower than D19029
  • SD360 B29747 - and lower than B50321
  • SD460 J11159 - and lower than J14416

For other printers, refer to the How-to Video found here .