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Entrust Adds High-Assurance Digital Signature Capabilities for Employees with New Remote Signing Service




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New service expands Entrust Digital-Signing-as-a-Service portfolio

MINNEAPOLIS (May 25, 2021)Entrust, a global leader in trusted identities, payments, and digital infrastructure, is enabling trust for increasingly distributed workforces by integrating high-assurance, verifiable employee signature capabilities into document applications and workflows with its new Remote Signing Service (RSS) solution. Along with the recent launch of the company’s Signing Automation Service, Entrust now offers a deep portfolio of cloud-based Digital-Signing-as-a-Service solutions.

As organizations have transitioned to the cloud and workforces have become more distributed, the need to accommodate new remote business scenarios has become more acute. The Entrust Remote Signing Service helps public and private organizations meet these challenges by moving away from traditional ‘wet’ signatures and paper documents with confidence.

With the launch of RSS, Entrust provides workflow-agnostic digital signing solutions that integrate to a variety of document management software and portals. This lets mid-sized and large organizations move beyond the inefficiencies and delays caused by legacy face-to-face and paper-based processes by providing an electronic signing service based on globally recognized signatures. Furthermore, the Entrust Remote Signing Service provides verified employee identities and strong authentication, which can help facilitate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The Entrust Remote Signing Service lets Entrust take care of issuing, storing, and maintaining the signing infrastructure for the customer, with seamless integration to the customer’s document workflow application. This provides a simple, fast, secure, and scalable solution, supported by Entrust proven technology and expertise in public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital signing.

“Whether looking for a better alternative to wet signatures or a stronger type of electronic signature for an organization, the Entrust certificate-based Remote Signing Service lets customers adopt digital workflows with confidence – enabling organizations to move beyond paper-based processes and face-to-face meetings without any compromise on security or ease of use,” said Jay Schiavo, Vice President, Certificate Solutions at Entrust. “The Remote Signing Service keeps businesses moving with safety and trust by integrating high-assurance, verifiable employee signatures into document applications and workflows. Entrust is an established leader in digital certificates, signing, authentication, and hardware security modules (HSMs), and our Digital Signing as a Service solutions are designed to ease the transition to digital workflows.”

“We’re delighted to make the Entrust Remote Signing Service available in Adobe Sign. Adobe’s open standards approach to digital signing means that we are committed to partnering with the best trust service providers in the world to make secure, leading-edge trust services available to our joint customers and address a diverse range of use cases,” said John Jolliffe, Strategic Development team at Adobe. “The Entrust Remote Signing Service in Adobe Sign provides organizations with a scalable and cloud-based solution to enable employees to sign with trusted digital signatures and to help meet legal and compliance requirements.”

“Digital signatures are becoming the new standard for electronic transactions, in Europe and abroad,” said Frédéric Mauger, co-founder and partner at Sysmosoft. “The integration of the Entrust Remote Signing Service to our product, Let’s Sign, brings strong benefits to our customers who evolve in highly regulated industries such as banks and financial institutions. They can achieve greater mobility with fully digitized processes without compromising on security and user experience.”

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