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Best practices, under your control

Entrust Managed Root CA service is a customer specific PKI root certificate authority (CA) designed and built to exacting standards and hosted under a tScheme-approved audit regime as a standalone offline service. Our root CAs are designed to be the ultimate point of trust in any customer’s PKI.


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Get the benefits of a bespoke root CA service for the lifetime of your PKI, without the need for a specialized environment or additional complexity.

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Our PKI experts manage your Root CA to best practices, eliminating the cost and effort of finding, hiring, and managing crypto experts.

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Audited policies and procedures and security cleared operators deliver reliability and assurance, ensuring your root CA is always highly controlled.

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With our simple fixed setup and annual cost model, you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected costs or services.

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Management and Reporting

Use reporting and inventory tools and complete lifecycle management for certificates.

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Root CA cryptographic keys held in FIPs140-2 Level 3 HSM

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Annual audit

Our annual assurance process includes validating keys/policy with our customer.

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Compliance with eIDAS and certified through ETSI and tScheme standards.

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