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ID management and issuance

Today’s organizations are faced with growing complexity, increased demand for security, a shortage of available IT resources, and heightened user expectations. More businesses are turning to MSPs to help administer their cloud-based ID issuance solution.

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Introducing Entrust IIDaaS

With Entrust Instant ID as a Service, it's easier than ever to create a great credential. We brought the security, adaptability, and transformative innovation you expect from Entrust to the cloud. With all the state-of-the-art features, and no IT headaches, IIDaaS is built for any organization, big or small.

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Capturetech and Entrust IIDaaS solution

This was our most recent installation at Satellite Healthcare. We were printing cards within 20 minutes of our arrival and it took just minutes to train operators on card production. (Our service tech) was amazed that we were in and out so quickly, without having to stay at the customer's site for hours to install and configure software. 

Joe Franco, Capturetech

Entrust IIDaaS Features for MSPs

The Entrust IIDaaS solution has been specifically designed to provide the flexibility and functionality that MSPs require.

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Multi-tenancy and multi-tier

Dedicated environment provisioned in the cloud to host resellers and multiple clients on the same instance with clear data segregation.

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Accommodate issuance needs that scale up or down.

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Mature platform with 99.9% uptime with well-defined disaster recovery and business-continuity plans.

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White label option

Brand as your own including the ability to customize colors, logos, and emails for your customers.

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Comprehensive API set

Web-based APIs enable easy integration to other apps and provide opportunity for automation.

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Easy to install and operate

Simple to set up and supports automation of common administrative tasks. 24x7 support, or provide your own support.