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Entrust Identity Device Reputation Data Sheet

April 22, 2021
Leverage analytics to improve security and reduce user friction

Secure software development with container platforms and nShield HSMs

April 22, 2021
As modern application development and deployment evolves to meet demands for flexibility and scalability, application development teams have come to rely increasingly on containers and Kubernetes.

Instant Financial Issuance Cardstock Fulfillment Program

April 20, 2021
Let Entrust handle your IFI cardstock needs for a more efficient implementation

Oracle Key Vault 18.6 integration guide

April 20, 2021
The nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM) can be used to generate and store a Root of Trust (RoT) that protects security objects used by Oracle Key Vault to safeguard users' keys and credentials.

Entrust Signature Activation Module (SAM) Data Sheet

April 19, 2021
The Entrust Signature Activation Module (SAM) is a security element that can be implemented into signing services that follow the remote signing standards defined by CEN and ETSI as part of the eIDAS regulation.

Entrust Signature Activation Module (SAM) Product Description

April 19, 2021
The Entrust Signature Activation Module (SAM) is used to deploy a server-side endpoint that will be used by the server signing applications to get data signed (a document hash). The SAM receives the signer authentication data, the signer’s signing key, and the data to be signed through a Signature Activation Protocol (SAP). It interacts with the Entrust nShield® Connect XC CC eIDAS (called cryptographic module or CM) to return the encrypted data with the signing key.

Card Issuance at the Speed of Life

April 19, 2021
As securing data is critically important for financial services firms, they too often choose security over the customer or member experience and the ability to deliver services and products in a streamlined and on-demand fashion.

Card Issuance at the Speed of Life: Part 2 – Securing the Software Stack

April 19, 2021
Banks and credit unions want to deliver an improved cardholder experience by providing new and differentiated services that create preference for their products and services.

Security Through Simplicity: Instant Card Issuance Services

April 19, 2021
It is common knowledge that instant financial issuance (IFI) is an important benefit for cardholders of financial institutions.
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