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Entrust firmly positioned as a market leader in Frost Radar analytics

The latest Frost & Sullivan Global Holistic TLS Certificate Market report provides a comprehensive overview of the market and its certificate authorities (CAs).

Their Frost Radar™ benchmarking system evaluates CAs using a growth index and an innovation index, both of which take many factors into account. Entrust was ranked as one of the fastest-growing CAs globally and a leader in innovation.

Other findings from the report

Entrust is the only CA to offer a cryptographic center of excellence to help customers manage crypto risks.

Entrust is one of only two vendors offering verified mark certificates (VMCs).

Entrust’s product developments are in line with “Mega Trends” (PKI, IoT, cloud, certificate management automation, etc.).

Frost & Sullivan

"Entrust has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation, thereby recording a high score on the innovation index of the Frost Radar.”

Swetha Krishnamoorthi, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan’s Security Practice

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