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Ascertia is a global leader in delivering functionally rich, easy to deploy e-security solutions.

Ascertia delivers security products focusing on: eIDAS compliance, digital signatures, timestamps, evidence archiving, and OCSP validation.

Ascertia’s SigningHub provides an eIDAS compliant signing solution enabling organizations to workflow documents for digital signature approval. When integrated into core business applications or used standalone, SigningHub optimizes how internal and external users can review, approve, and sign documents at any time on any device.

Powering Ascertia’s SigningHub is the ADSS Server that offers modules for advanced or qualified digital signature creation and verification.

These key functions deliver the essential trust services needed by governments, financials, telco, healthcare, and other organizations to conduct electronic business. Businesses need traceability, accountability, and audit services plus clear originator authentication, signed approvals, assured data integrity, and provenance to allow them to meet legislative, regulatory, and internal controls requirements.

Solution Description

Ascertia focuses on digital signature creation, verification, timestamping and secure archiving products as well as eID validation, and it is fully integrated with Entrust PKI solution.

Integration with Entrust nShield® HSMs protects the processing of all PKI private keys as required by the EU eIDAS regulation and other high-trust global requirements.


Surrey Research Park, 40 Occam Road

United Kingdom

Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program



  • Digital Signing
  • PKI, Key & Certificate Management, IoT


Entrust and Ascertia Solution Brief

Solution Briefs

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May 18, 2021
Entrust nShield Connect HSMs Data Sheet

Data Sheets

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March 11, 2022
Entrust nShield Solo HSMs Data Sheet

Data Sheets

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September 26, 2022

Ascertia ADSS Server Installation Guide

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