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Sigma - Printer Components - Multi-Hopper Cartridge


The multi-hopper cartridges can be pulled out from the multi-hopper unit. You can remove the cartridges with the cards inside and store them securely, if necessary.

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Cartridge Door Release Button The door release button allows you to open the cartridge door. Press down on the release button.
Cartridge Door The cartridge door swings down to provide access to the cartridge to load cards.
Card Weight The card weight maintains a downward pressure on the loaded cards so that they enter the printer properly. Lift the card weight to the top of the cartridge and gently pull it forward until it locks in position. A diagram inside the cartridge shows how to position the card weight and load cards.
Note : Do not place the cards on top of the card weight.
Label Retainer The label retainer allows you to insert a paper label inside the cartridge door. Use a label to identify the cartridge number or the type of cards loaded in each cartridge. Use a flathead screwdriver to open the label retainer door