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Artista CR805/CR825/CE875 - Operator Cleaning Procedures - Single Hopper Printer

Use the Isopropanol Cleaning Card

Clean the printer with the isopropanol cleaning card each time you change the ink ribbon, or more often if necessary.

How-to Videos

Run a Cleaning Card

Clean the Printhead


  1. Remove the ink ribbon and retransfer film cartridges, and the cleaning sleeve. 
  2. Unlock and open the input hopper.
  3. Remove the unprinted cards. Handle the cards by the edges or wear card inspection gloves.

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  1. Open the cleaning card package and remove the isopropanol cleaning card.
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  2. Load the cleaning card in the input hopper. Clean the printer immediately. The cleaning card dries out if it is out of its package for more than a few minutes.
  3. Close the input hopper and lock the printer.
  4. Use the LCD panel to run the isopropanol cleaning card. 
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  5. When the cleaning cycle completes, remove the used cleaning card.
  • If the printer has locks:
The isopropanol cleaning card is placed in the printer reject tray (RT1). 
a. Unlock the printer and open the printer access door.
b. Remove the used cleaning card from the printer reject tray (RT1).
c. Discard the cleaning card.
  • If the printer does not have locks:
The isopropanol cleaning card is ejected into the output hopper.
a. Remove the cleaning card.
b. Discard the cleaning card.
  1. Install a new cleaning sleeve.
  2. Install the ink ribbon and retransfer film.
a. Load new ink ribbon and retransfer film on the cartridges. Refer to the printer’s User’s Guide for complete instructions.
b. Replace the cartridges in the printer.
c. Close and lock the printer access door.
  1. Replace the cards in the printer.
a. Unlock the input hopper lock.
b. Place the cards in the input hopper of a single-hopper printer, or the H2 cartridge of a multi-hopper printer.
c. Close the input hopper and lock the input hopper lock.

Download the Cleaning Guide