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Survey Question:

How do you rate nShield HSMs?

From meeting evolving compliance standards to improving security postures, see what our customers say about nShield HSMs.

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Worthy of reputation and recommendations

86% of surveyed organizations would recommend Entrust to others.

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Get help hitting moving targets

73% of organizations said nShield HSMs help them meet evolving compliance standards.

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Put up stronger defenses

63% of organizations purchased nShield HSMs to improve their security posture.

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Great decisions are easy to repeat

94% of organizations are likely to buy an Entrust nShield HSM again.

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The best by design and consensus

93% of organizations rated nShield HSMs as providing higher overall quality than competitors.

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Leading compliance, limiting risk

55% of organizations use nShield HSMs for regulatory compliance.

Survey Question:

Why did you choose nShield HSMs over competing HSMs?

It's clear why organizations choose Entrust nShield HSMs over competing products. Whether deployed on-premises or as-a-service, our HSMs are the highest-performing, most secure, and easy-to-integrate HSM solutions available.


Superior customer support and services

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Better alignment with enterprise and cloud architecture

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Product characteristics and functionality

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Easier to use than other HSMs

Survey Question:

What influenced your decision to purchase Entrust nShield HSMs?

You can be assured that you're making the right choice when you choose nShield HSMs to protect your organization's sensitive data.

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Entrust expertise

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nShield HSM product and service roadmap

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Completeness of offering

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Recommendation from a trusted colleague

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Customer Support Survey

From initial install to 24/7 after- purchase support, see how our customers rate Entrust nShield technical support.

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Customer Support
4.5 out of 5 stars

Customers give nShield Support engineers an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Professional Services
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96% of customers would hire our team for another engagement.

Professional Services Survey

See how customers rate their experience with our Professional Services engineers.

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Contact a digital security expert.

Discover how nShield HSMs provide the no-nonsense security you need to keep your assets safe.

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