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A versatile solution for multiple use cases

SwissSign and Entrust help you move forward with a high-assurance signature workflow that takes signers' identity, document authenticity, and process auditing into account.

SwissSign's on-prem solution, Let's Sign, is a web-based portal with electronic signature capabilities including an audit trail. Entrust completes the offering by integrating digital certificate and timestamping services for your high-assurance signatures and document integrity needs.

1. Enroll organizations, create signing rooms

Enroll multiple organizations into your Let’s Sign deployment, and create one or more administrator(s) for each of them.

Administrators can create signing rooms and add manager(s) to them. A signing room can be created for for each document type, for each department of the organization, for each customer, etc. Define the structure that works best for your needs.

screenshot of Let's Sign signing room

2. Manage signing rooms and documents to sign

Each signing room can have one or several signing workflows (signature types) associated to it: electronic signatures, digital signatures, digital seals. Managers inside the signing room can upload documents, choose a workflow, add signatories, and send a signing request. They can of course sign or seal documents themselves.

Signatories do not get access to the signing room - they will only receive an invitation to sign documents.

screenshot of managing signing rooms

3. Approve and sign documents

The signing process is based on the workflow selected by the manager as part of the signature request. Signatories receive an email inviting them to open a link to sign the document. The signing page supports forms and visual signatures in any web browser.

Once it’s signed, the document can be downloaded and is also sent to the manager and the signatory(ies).

screenshot of approving and signing

4. Verify with the audit trail

Each operation during a document signing process is recorded into the audit trail. It includes information about the document submission and when all the signatures have been generated (or refused).

Audit trail administrators cannot see any personal information such as document names or signatories’ names or email addresses.

screenshot of verifying with audit trail

Secure signing workflows

Our joint solution comes with three pre-built signature workflows. Add one, two, or the three of them to your package based on your needs.

Electronic signature workflow

Ideal for customer onboarding and lifecycle engagement

Onboard your new customers using your own identity vetting process and a simple, user-friendly signing experience. Send contracts, agreements, and other customer assets for electronic signatures backed by a secure audit trail, a digital seal, and a timestamp to ensure integrity and non-repudiation of all signed documents.

INCLUDES: Electronic signature + digital seal (organization verification by Entrust) + timestamp + audit trail

electronic signature workflow
digital signature workflow

Digital signature workflow

Ideal for employee approval and agreement processes

Give your employees high-assurance signing capabilities within the Let’s Sign portal with an Entrust-issued and hosted digital certificate that carries the signer's identity as well as your organization’s details, all verified by Entrust Certificate Services. Digital signatures will ensure document integrity by providing tamper evidence.

INCLUDES: Digital signature (identity verification by Entrust) + timestamp + audit trail

Digital seal workflow

Ideal for integrity and authenticity of company assets

Reduce document fraud and forgery risks with a document sealing workflow that allows selected employees to apply a company seal on your sensitive assets such as quotes, invoices, HR documents, tax documents, portfolio performances, health records, etc.

INCLUDES: Digital seal (organization verification by Entrust) + timestamp + audit trail

digital seal workflow

Joint Solution Features

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Hybrid deployment

SwissSign's signing platform is installed on-premises and connected to Entrust digital signing services.

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Choose your signature type

Cover multiple document signature needs with one single, centralized solution.

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Data visibility and control

Designed with data privacy in mind. Entrust does not receive any documents from Let's Sign.

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Web-based portal and API

Enhance your signing experience by fully integrating the solution into your existing workflows.

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Customization options

Custom signature appearance, company branding, API integration.

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User-friendly authentication

Single sign-on available, native support for OpenID Connect.