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Entrust Expands PKI as a Service Footprint into Europe




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New data centers enable customers to address regional data sovereignty requirements while bringing simplicity, scale, speed, and security to European operations

MINNEAPOLIS – May 31, 2021Entrust, a leading provider of trusted identities, payments, and digital infrastructure solutions has announced the geographic expansion of its PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) offerings to data centers located in the European Union. PKIaaS provides a highly secure, cloud-based public key infrastructure (PKI) that’s quick to deploy, scales on-demand, and now meets the needs of customers operating in the European Union.

With this launch, Entrust delivers its cloud-based PKIaaS in EU data centers. Further, customers can ease their migration by choosing to use their existing Root CA or choosing Entrust’s Managed Root CA service to encompass other internal certificate sources into a single trust framework. This solution helps reduce complexity, downtime, and management overheads while improving availability, flexibility, performance, and compliance to best practices. Overall, customers enjoy enhanced security and EU operational support and can meet their data residency obligations.

Entrust has introduced cloud-based as a Service offerings across its digital security, identity, and payment portfolio, and has added regional data centers to support its nShield as a Service hardware security module (HSM) solution in both Australia and Germany. The seamless integration of PKIaaS with Entrust HSMs provides a clear and trusted roadmap for an organization’s cloud deployments across the EU and enables a range of major use cases such as certificates for mobile device management (e.g. Intune), passwordless authentication, or strong machine identities.

“As customers migrate services to the cloud, their security and identity needs to go with them but still remain under their control. They must also respect regional requirements and performance expectations for their PKI, at the same time as ensuring good governance, especially as use cases and scale expands. Entrust PKIaaS manages the customer’s PKI for them in an environment where skill shortages are a pressing challenge, and now organizations operating in the European Union can reap the same benefits from this innovative cloud service,” said Robert Hann, Vice President of Digital Security Center of Expertise at Entrust.

“Entrust PKIaaS simplifies cloud migration with pre-built secure solutions, which are ready to implement quickly and efficiently, managed by Entrust experts and backed by more than 25 years of Entrust PKI expertise and innovation. Leveraging our secure data centers, our ‘born in the cloud’ solutions secure a wide range of critical security and identity use cases. With intrinsic flexibility and ready to go add-ons of SSL services, certificate lifecycle management, Digital Signing as a Service, and Identity as a Service, customers can grow and consolidate seamlessly.”

Specifically, Entrust hosts the CA keys in its extensively third-party-certified data centers using nShield as a Service HSMs, while the PKIaaS CA and associated registration authority components reside in an EU-hosted cloud environment. This approach ensures CA keys are outside of the cloud and maintained under strict adherence to security best practices. This approach offers the best of both worlds and provides confidence and peace of mind.

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