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i4p is a Hungarian company and developer of the Common Criteria EAL4+ certified Trident HSM product line. i4p's Trident HSM is a general purpose HSM and can also be used as an HSM for trusted service providers (TSPs). It is also on the official eIDAS list as a qualified signature creation device (QSCD). i4p is the first company to offer secure multi-party cryptography (MPC) in the certified hardware security module that provides the highest level of the data protection required in businesses. It also allows multi-factor authentication for all of its users and administrators through the standard APIs (eg.PKCS#11).

Besides the innovative MPC version of Trident HSM, the i4p product line contains a Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified signature activation module (SAM). The SAM, together with the Trident HSM, forms the Trident Remote Signing Solution (RSS) - the first one-vendor solution for remote qualified signatures and qualified electronic seals (QSEAL).

i4p develops highly secure hardware and software solutions, as well as related services capable of disrupting the IT security market. Their mission is to provide a technological background to the ever-changing regulations on data security and data protection and to develop and launch distributed cryptographic processes and distributed platforms based on them. They are experts and innovators of applied cryptographic solutions, key and secret protection, with more than 100 man-years of experience.

Solution Description

The Trident HSM is a hardware security module that offers advanced cryptographic, security, and key management capabilities that are typical of HSMs. However, with its Secure Multi-Party Computation capability, it can offer more. An organization can organize multiple HSM devices into a distributed cluster and manage (generate, store, use, delete) its cryptographic keys in a truly distributed way within the cluster. This means that the key material cannot be identified independently on any of the devices, so even if one or even two of them is compromised in any way, the information obtained is worthless. Due to this revolutionary innovation, Trident HSM offers the highest level of protection required in the world of business since every security solution is only as secure as its keys and how those keys are stored. Trust service providers and any other organizations that want to protect their keys in multiple geographical locations can have peace of mind if using the proven achievements of the secure multi-party computation built into the Trident HSMs.

Trident HSM is capable of performing sensitive cryptographic tasks as well as managing and storing cryptographic keys and data securely. i4p’s Trident HSM integrates fully with Entrust PKI allowing organizations to easily manage digital keys and certificates that secure user, device, and application identities. The combined i4p and Entrust solution provides enhanced security for keys and certificates, inbuilt multi-factor authentication to all users and administrators, uploadable applications written in almost any language, remote logging, unlimited keys, users and slots (aka partitions, tokens, and virtual HSMs). The integration allows organizations to store keys in a secure, dedicated, accurately designed and tamper-resistant environment that operates with strict access control mechanisms to ensure keys can only be accessed and used by authorized entities. Organizations can also enforce key use policies and Trident HSM's high availability architecture provides a guarantee that the keys are always accessible when needed.

The effectiveness and reliability of Trident HSM is verified by its Common Criteria EAL4+ certificate, the international security certificate recognized worldwide. It also complies with the European eIDAS regulations and norms, and thus can be used for creating qualified signatures, qualified remote signatures, qualified seals, timestamps, and OCSP responses, in addition to certificates. The product set a world record because it was the first to meet the criteria of two protection profiles (PP), one of them being the PP 419 221-5, the "Protection profile for cryptographic module (HSM) for Trust Services”.


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