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How to reinstall the Entrust Identity app on a new mobile or PC

If you have to replace your phone or PC, you will have to reinstall the Entrust Identity app. This procedure provides the steps for doing that.

The procedure is very similar to the one described in Logging in to Remote Signing Service for the First Time, but with some differences in the initial steps.

To run this procedure, you will need to access a different portal than the one you normally use; this procedure uses the Identity as a Service portal.

1. Type the following address in your browser:
2. Enter your User ID.
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3. Enter your password.
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4. If it detects that the Identity was successfully installed sometime in the past on your mobile phone or PC, you will see the prompt, "Enter the one-time password generated by your token."
Click Alternative Authentication, and request a one-time PIN to be sent to you via SMS or email.
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5. Enter the one-time PIN to continue.
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6. On the screen that appears, click the second tab, AUTHENTICATORS.
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7. In the Entrust Soft Token row, click the three dots icon, and select Delete. This disables the Identity app on your old phone or PC.

Note: If your mobile phone or PC was lost or stolen, you do not need to worry because this step ensures that it can no longer be used to authenticate to Entrust services.

8. The screen that appears includes all the information you need to install the Identity app on your new mobile phone or PC. To complete this procedure:

a. Go to this procedure: Log in to Remote Signing Service for the First Time

b. Start from Step 4 and complete the steps.
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You can now log in to the Remote Signing service, as usual, using the Identity app on your new phone or PC.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Entrust Certificate Services Support department for further assistance: 

Hours of Operation: 
Sunday 8:00 PM ET to Friday 8:00 PM ET 
North America (toll-free): 1-866-267-9297 
Outside North America: 1-613-270-2680 (or see the list below) 
NOTE: Smart Phone users may use the 1-800 numbers shown in the table below.
Otherwise, it is very important that international callers dial the UITF format exactly as indicated. Do not dial an extra "1" before the "800" or your call will not be accepted as a UITF toll-free call. 

Australia0011 - 800-3687-7863
Austria00 - 800-3687-7863
Belgium00 - 800-3687-7863
Denmark00 - 800-3687-7863
Finland990 - 800-3687-7863 (Telecom Finland)
00 - 800-3687-7863 (Finnet)
France00 - 800-3687-7863
Germany00 - 800-3687-7863
Hong Kong001 - 800-3687-7863 (Voice)
002 - 800-3687-7863 (Fax)
Ireland00 - 800-3687-7863
Israel014 - 800-3687-7863
Italy00 - 800-3687-7863
Japan001 - 800-3687-7863 (KDD)
004 - 800-3687-7863 (ITJ)
0061 - 800-3687-7863 (IDC)
Korea001 - 800-3687-7863 (Korea Telecom)
002 - 800-3687-7863 (Dacom)
Malaysia00 - 800-3687-7863
Netherlands00 - 800-3687-7863
New Zealand00 - 800-3687-7863
Norway00 - 800-3687-7863
Singapore001 - 800-3687-7863
Spain00 - 800-3687-7863
Sweden00 - 800-3687-7863 (Telia)
00 - 800-3687-7863 (Tele2)
Switzerland00 - 800-3687-7863
Taiwan00 - 800-3687-7863
United Kingdom00 - 800-3687-7863
0800 121 6078
+44 (0) 118 953 3088


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