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Tactile Impression Module - Clear a Card Jam


A card is jammed in the Tactile Impression Module and won't move through the module.


Clear a TIM Card Jam.

How-to Video

Clear a Tactile Impression Module Card Jam


  1. Power off and unplug the printer and impresser.
  2. Open the impresser and remove the supply cassette.

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  1. Remove the impresser from the printer.
    1. Push in the impresser release tab.
    2. Pull the impresser away from the printer. Slide the impresser straight back from the printer. Avoid pulling out the impresser at an angle as it can damage the electrical connection.

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  1. Rotate the drive gear to move the card out of the impresser.

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  1. Reconnect the impresser and printer. Align the impresser directly behind the printer and slide it into position as straight as possible. Do not attempt to connect the impresser at an angle as it can damage the electrical connection.

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  1. Reinstall the supply cassette
  2. Plug the power supplies into the printer and impresser. Then, plug the power cords into the facility power source.
  3. Restart the printer.