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Sigma - Clean the Multi-Hopper Printer


The cleaning roller removes dust and particles from cards before they enter the printer. However, you also need to clean the inside of the printer regularly to maintain print quality. The cleaning card removes debris from the inside of the printer and from the transport rollers.

How-to Video

Clean the Multi-hopper Printer


Run a cleaning card each time you change the print ribbon, after every 500 cards processed by the printer, if print quality diminishes, or more often depending on your environment.

The Printer Dashboard displays a count of the number of cards that can be run before the printer should be cleaned. An administrator can change the maximum number of cards printed before cleaning using the Printer Dashboard. The message “Cleaning Needed” and the cards icon displays on the LCD panel when the printer has reached the preset card count to request cleaning. Refer to the Printer Dashboard Help for more information..

The following procedure describe how to clean the printer using the LCD panel. You also can select to clean the printer from the Printer Dashboard.

  1. Unlock the printer and open the printer cover.
  2. Remove the print ribbon, close the cover, and lock the printer.
  3. Pull out the multi-hopper exception slide and insert the cleaning card.

User-added image

  1. Push in the exception slide.
  2. Continue with Run the Cleaning Card .