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Sigma Ribbon Cartridge


Depending on the printer model, the print ribbon is available as a replaceable roll that is loaded on the ribbon cartridge, or as part of a prefilled print ribbon cassette.

How-to Video

Change the Print Ribbon

The ribbon cartridge holds a roll of ribbon that you can replace when it runs out. The cartridge also holds a cleaning roller that is replaced with each ribbon change.

User-added image

Ribbon Cartridge The ribbon cartridge holds a replaceable print ribbon.
Print Ribbon The print ribbon is used to apply images to the card.
Cleaning Roller The replaceable cleaning roller removes dust and other particles from the cards as they move into the printer.
Cleaning Roller Retainer Pull up on the retainer to load the cleaning roller on the print ribbon cartridge and secure it in position.
Cleaning Roller Retainer Use the handle to remove the ribbon cartridge from the printer.