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Artista CR Series - Cleaning Schedule


Cleaning the retransfer series printer on a regular schedule helps to maintain the printer and obtain the best print quality.

Routine Printer Cleaning

The following tables describe the recommended routine cleaning tasks for the printer.

Each time you change the ink ribbon:

Action Procedure
Clean the printer with the isopropanol cleaning card. Use the Isopropanol Cleaning Card
Replace the cleaning sleeve (C3). “Replace the Cleaning Sleeve” on page 15
Clean the printhead Clean the Printhead

Every 3 Months:

Action Procedure
Clean the rear fan filter. Clean the Rear Fan Filter

Additional Cleaning Tasks

The following tables describe additional cleaning tasks you may need to perform to maintain your printer and print quality. Do these procedures, in addition to the routine cleaning, if you experience printing issues.

If you see particles on completed cards:

Action Procedure
Replace the cleaning sleeve (C3). Replace Cleaning Sleeve
Clean the printer with the adhesive cleaning card.

If you see color or white lines on completed cards:

Action Procedure
Clean the printhead Clean the printhead

If you see repeating color dots on completed cards:

Action Procedure
Clean the printhead cam rollers. Clean the printhead cam rollers

User-added image The type of card stock you use and the printer environment can affect how often you need to perform the cleaning procedures.  Refer to “Card Handling Information” for suggestions to help manage your card stock.