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Prove identity with digital signatures

A digital signature is based on a trusted digital certificate issued by a Certification Authority such as Entrust. It acts like an ID: it’s issued after an identity verification process, only the bearer of the certificate can sign, and each signature generated with the certificate will include the signer’s verified identity details.

Leverage the extra benefit of digital signatures: tamper evidence

Digital signatures aren’t just a visual mark on a PDF document: they are a cryptographic operation that binds the exact content of a document with a verified identity. Any changes to a digitally signed document will invalidate the signature.

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Guarantee the date and time of a signature with a trusted timestamp

A public timestamp is a secure service from a trusted source such as Entrust, that adds a reliable date and time to a document’s signature, making it much harder to deny the existence of a document and/or signature from the moment the timestamp is applied.

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