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Building citizen credentials for a more secure world

From passports to driving licenses to national IDs, our portfolio lets you issue credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery, and alteration. 

Determining the right level of security on a credential project is a critical responsibility. Explore the world of security features in an easy, no-risk virtual tool. The Entrust Credential Builder lets you place different security features on cards and passports in a digital environment, giving you the knowledge necessary to determine what you need for your next citizen credential. 

  • Learn about different security features 
  • Create a credential 
  • Share with a colleague

Key Benefits and Features

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ID Cards

Design your own national IDs, driver’s licenses, and other physical credentials that are highly resistant to fraud, forgery, and alteration by adding and removing security features offered by Entrust.

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Design your own highly secure passports by adding and removing the advanced security features offered by Entrust.

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Security Feature Education

Dive into the benefits of each security feature and learn about things like security level (1, 2, or 3) and personalization technology – and why they matter.

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Visualize Future Credentials

Seeing what various security features look like when combined helps you create the ideal credential for your environment.

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Industry Trends

The industry is constantly evolving. Stay up to date on new trends that help you achieve higher levels of security and a longer life for the credentials with things like durable materials, color personalization, and layering security features.

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Preview and Share Secure Credential Designs

Include other people from your organization in the design and decision making process by sharing designs in a secure email link.

Explore personalized security features for credentials

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ID Solutions Guide

Our secure identity solutions consist of advanced printing technology, high-quality supplies, streamlined software solutions, and responsive global services, covering the most basic to the most advanced applications. Read this guide to see exactly what you’ll be getting when you entrust your ID issuance solutions to us.