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RSA (Silver Tail Systems)

RSA Silver Tail Systems provides next generation fraud prevention solutions to protect websites against navigation layer threats that cost financial institutions and e-commerce companies hundreds of millions of dollars a year. RSA Silver Tail Systems’ solutions use real-time web session intelligence to detect threats and new fraud schemes, and then enable fraud analysts to disrupt attacks while they are happening. RSA Silver Tail Systems significantly reduces online fraud losses, protects your institution and increases customer trust.

The RSA Silver Tail Systems platform collects and analyzes real-time data from web traffic to provide web session intelligence. This information delivers complete visibility into all web and mobile application traffic, powering the behavioral analysis engine. This engine creates heuristics and rules to detect anomalies, IT security threats, fraud, insider threats, business logic abuse and other malicious activity.

Entrust nShield HSMs integrate with the RSA Silver Tail Systems Forensics solution (now RSA Web Threat Detection) to deliver enhances security.


Menlo Park



United States

Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program



  • TLS SSL, ADCs, Firewalls
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