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Hitachi Vantara is a data company focused on understanding how data enables mission-critical digital and industrial environments. The company has been intersecting the worlds of IT and OT with data for over 60 years.

From developing intelligent data platforms to hybrid cloud infrastructures combined with their digital consulting expertise, Hitachi Vantara powers resilient digital processes, products, and experiences that turn data-rich businesses into data-driven ones.

Companies around the world use Hitachi Vantara solutions for their digital transformation, including 85% of the Fortune 100.

Solution Description

The Hitachi Vantara Virtual Storage Platform integrates with the Entrust KeyControl key management solution. Entrust KeyControl provides a higher level of integrity of encryption keys for Hitachi Vantara VSP platforms by effectively managing and protecting those keys. Learn more about the compatibility of Entrust and Hitachi Vantara solutions.


Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program



  • PKI, Key & Certificate Management, IoT


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