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ASSECO (Montenegro)

Asseco SEE’s division specializes in the development, integration, and implementation mobile security solutions. Owing to its twenty five years of experience, the company is recognized in South Eastern Europe as the leading competence center for strong authorization, mobile banking/mobile payment, digital signature, and encryption solutions based on PKI SmartCard technology, 3D Secure implementations for e-commerce, and Personal Finance Management Solutions.

SxS by Asseco – a two-factor authentication server that enables the use of multi-vendor and different types of end-user devices as well as OTP standards. The product simplifies user experience, increases security, and reduces cost by enabling organizations to apply consistent strong authentication and authorization over multiple service channels, including web and mobile.

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Mobile Token by Asseco - enables authentication of users in e-banking or any other service and transaction signing directly from their mobile phones, which act as ordinary token devices. The product is a two-factor authentication token application which ensures the best user experience and complies with industry security standards.

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HCE (Host Card Emulation) by Asseco - implements MasterCard’s and VISA’s “Cloud based payments” specifications which elaborate a concept in which keys are stored in the cloud and no physical equipment in the mobile device is required. Payments are performed simply by entering a PIN to the Mobile payment application and tapping a mobile device to the contactless POS terminal.

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RDS (Remote Digital Signature) by Asseco - a flexible solution for creating advanced remote digital signatures through the server-side components, HSM for secure private key generation and advanced digital signature creation, secured by means of using strong client authentication solutions.

CMS (Credential Management System) by Asseco - comprehensive, flexible and highly configurable solution which has been specifically designed to manage all aspects of the lifecycles of certificates that are stored on the hardware devices (e.g. smart cards or tokens) or in files (soft certificate issuance).

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TriDES by Asseco is a complete 3-D Secure solution certified in accordance with Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode/IdentityCheck, American Express SafeKey, Diners Club ProtectBuy, JCB J/Secure and MirAccept programs. By implementing TriDES ACS and TriDES MPI/3DSS, issuers, acquirers and merchants get a secure and unique platform which authenticates cardholder identity and reduces card fraud in mobile and e-commerce. Asseco SEE also offers 3D secure SaaS platform which enables financial institutions to optimize costs and provide fast time-to-market, with no impact to security.

Following w 3D secure 2.0 EMVCo specifications, new and upgraded TriDES2 solutions bring benefits in technology and user experience to all involved parties. Support for mobile devices, new strong customer authentication methods such as Biometry, Transaction Risk Analysis and Risk Based Authentication will provide end users with ultimate fraud protection during online payment with fast and smooth user experience. TriDES components encrypt sensitive data stored to database and 3D secure cardholder authentication by using nCipher nShield HSMs.

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Headquarters: Poland, Branickiego 13, 02-972 Warszawa





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