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Sigma - Printer Components Front and Right Side


Sigma Printer Components Front and Right Side - Single-Hopper Printer

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Sigma Printer Components

Front and Right Side of the Printer

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Input Hopper The input hopper holds cards for printing. The hopper holds up to 125 cards (0.030 in. or 0.762 mm thickness).
The hopper cartridge can be removed from the printer for secure storage.
Cartridge Release Buttons The cartridge release buttons allow you to remove the input hopper cartridge from the printer. Push in the buttons, squeeze the cartridge, and pull it out from the printer.
Exception Slot Use the exception slot to insert a single card type than those loaded in the input hopper.
Rear Module Data Connection Port The electrical connection for a another tactile impression module to connect to the system. This option is not
supported at this time.
Front Panel Use the front panel to work with the printer. The LCD panel displays printer messages and status information. The buttons allow you to power the printer on and off, and navigate the printer menu system.
Output Hopper The output hopper holds up to 25 completed cards.
LED Light Bar The LED light bar blinks to indicate a printer error status. It is a solid color when the printer is in Ready status.
Input Hopper Lock The input hopper lock unlocks the input hopper. The lock is present only in the DS3 printer models.
Reject Tray Unfinished cards or cards not processed properly are placed in the reject tray for printers with locks. Printers without locks place unfinished cards in the output hopper.
Printer Lock The printer lock unlocks the printer cover and reject tray. The lock is present only in the DS3 printer models.