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Tactile Impression Module - Load the Foil Cassette


Load the Tactile Foil Cassette.

How-to Video

Load the Impression Foil


User-added image The impresser connected to a CR805 retransfer card printer always must have a tactile foil cassette installed. If a cassette is not installed, message 282, TIM supply error, displays on the printer LCD.

The tactile foil cassette contains a one-time-use roll of foil.

  1. Open the cassette package and remove the foil cassette.
  2. Position the cassette as shown. Turn the upper spool to remove any slack from the foil supply.

User-added image

  1. Open the TIM access door. Position the cassette as shown and insert it into the impresser until it clicks.

User-added imageUser-added image

  1. Close the TIM access door.