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How do I determine the mutual authentication image associated with a user ?


Explains how-to find the mutual authentication image associated with a users account.


Customer is not sure that the mutual authentication image being presented is the right one.


Mutual authentication images are stored in IdentityGuard as an Auth Secret and can be retrieved using the Admin Service API command line sample application.  To do this, follow the steps outlined below

1) On the IdentityGuard server navigate to the client sample directory:


C:\Program Files\Entrust\IdentityGuard\identityguard<VERSION>\client\sample



NOTE: Substitute <VERSION> with your version of IdentityGuard.  E.g. v12 would be 120

2) Edit the properties file

Put in your own user account values for igadmintest.adminid and igadmintest.adminpassword .  This account should have superuser rights.

3) Execute: runAdmin.bat userGet <userid>

NOTE: For Unix/Linux systems the command is:

./ userGet <userid>

The result will include everything including AuthSecrets  For example:

Auth secret:
Value: Message-ID: < 1285133214.1.1522682957600.JavaMail.DC1$@DC1 >
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/x-url; charset=ASCII
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit


In this example the mutual auth image is ent_172.jpg which is a spool of string.  The sample app images can be found in IdentityGuardSelf Service directory:


C:\Program Files\Entrust\IdentityGuardSelfService\identityguardselfservice<VERSION>\webapps\server\IdentityGuardSelfService\sampleimages