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Clean the Card Cleaning Rollers and Cleaning Unit

The cleaning unit, located inside the printer door, removes lint and other debris from the cards before printing. Clean the card cleaning rollers after every 200 cards or when you change the ink ribbon.

Use the following procedure to clean the unit.

  1. Unlock and open the security enclosure door.
  2. Open the print unit door.
  3. Pull out the green cleaning unit.

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  1. Clean the rollers.
  1. Rinse the blue cleaning rollers with cold water. Gently rub the rollers under running water.

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  1. Allow the card cleaning rollers to dry thoroughly.

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  1. If debris remains on the rollers, use the double-sided cleaning card.
    • Remove the protective paper from both sides of the double-sided cleaning card (part no. 508976-001).

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