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Helping Foster Innovation to Enhance Global Security – Entrust Datacard to Participate at INTERPOL World in Singapore




News Room Media Inquiry

News Room Media Inquiry

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—(March 26, 2015)—Entrust Datacard today announced that the company will be participating at the inaugural INTERPOL World event taking place in Singapore on April 14 – 16, 2015.  As an INTERPOL strategic partner, Entrust Datacard joins other industry experts and vendors at this public-private forum to discuss real-world global security threats and present innovative solutions for Cybersecurity, Safe Cities, Border Management and Supply Chain Security.

Entrust Datacard’s strategic partnership with INTERPOL dates back to June 2009 and builds on a decisive strategy for using credentialing and identification technology to help continuously enhance the INTERPOL Travel Documents. This includes incorporating a variety of advanced security technologies and initiatives to assist law enforcement officers to carry out their policing duties across the globe.

At INTERPOL World, Entrust Datacard will showcase advanced technologies – including its software and hardware solutions that enable national and regional governments to protect citizens, secure borders and improve service levels – all while mitigating risk and improving costs. The Entrust Datacard solutions on display will range from citizen enrollment and document issuance to technologies for authentication, renewal and revocation of physical and digital credentials.

In addition, Mark Joynes, director of product management at Entrust Datacard, will also be speaking at the INTERPOL World Congress on April 14th at 10:10 a.m. discussing “How to Leverage Multimodal Data Sources for High Assurance Identity Validation.” The expert panel formed by INTERPOL will outline concepts and use cases on how government organizations can build a cost-effective trusted infrastructure that enables efficiency in border processing, as well as provide comprehensive checks on identity and veracity of travel documents using existing data sources/standards.

“We are experiencing a rapid growth in numbers of traveling citizens and those crossing borders worldwide,” said Joynes.  “At the same time, there is an escalating concern for security as terrorist activity, organized crime and fraud are on the rise. Because of this, government organizations are facing challenges and change everywhere: at their borders, in their e-gov programs and at access points throughout their secure ecosystems.”

“This first annual INTERPOL World event brings together some of the most influential and leading experts in the industry to address this continuously changing and complex landscape so that we can ultimately enhance our global security.”

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