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Entrust Digital Certificate Refund Policy for Retail Certificates

If you, Subscriber, are not completely satisfied with your Retail Certificate then Entrust offers a 30-day refund policy.

Subscribers must request refunds for a specific Retail Certificate by contacting the Entrust Certificate Services support team within 30 days of the date of the invoice issued by Entrust . Information to contact our Certificate Services Support team can be found at Under such circumstances, the original Retail Certificate will be revoked by Entrust and a credit will be provided to the Subscriber on their account towards future purchases of Retail Certificates (or a refund upon request).

Subscriber must bear the fees incurred in connection with the refund process, and Entrust will refund the net amount. In particular:

  • if payment was made by credit card, Entrust will subtract the fee in connection with crediting to the Subscriber’s credit card (if there is any), and
  • if payment was made by bank transfer, Entrust will subtract fees required for the bank transfer.

Entrust will not credit/refund a Retail Certificate after the 30-day refund policy period has expired. In order for the refund policy to apply, the Subscriber may not have made a written request for its revocation. The 30-day refund does not apply to any purchase of the same type(s) of certificates as part of a renewal or to private trust certificates. The 30-day refund does not apply if the certificate was purchased from a third party (e.g., a reseller). If Subscriber has paid the fees for the Retail Certificate to another party (such as a reseller), the Subscriber needs to request the refund from that party, if such party provides refunds.

“Retail Certificates” applies to those SSL, Document Signing Individual, Document Signing Group, and SMIME Personal/Client Certificates sold through Entrust's certificate services retail website.

This refund policy is incorporated and made part of the Entrust Certificate Services Certification Practice Statement that applies to your Retail Certificate and can be revoked at any time by Entrust .”

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