A secure, cloud-based digital signing solution

With the Remote Signing Service, we verify employees’ identity and embed the details into digital certificates hosted in our private cloud. These “digital IDs” can then be linked to employees' Adobe Sign accounts, enabling employees to apply authorized signatures to digital documents.

How it works

Remote Signing with Adobe Sign Benefits

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High-Assurance Signatures

Combines identity verification, authentication, and document-integrity features to provide high-assurance signatures.

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Full Integration

Adobe Sign automatically triggers the Entrust Remote Signing Service when a digital signature is requested.

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Global Trust and Compliance

Entrust is a longtime member of the Adobe Trust Program and is WebTrust accredited.

Remote Signing with Adobe Sign Features

Remote Signing Standard

Entrust integrates with Adobe Sign via the Remote Signing Protocol, a standard created by the CSC.

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Verified Employer and Employee Identities

Entrust verifies company and employee identities according to Adobe and WebTrust standards.

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Remote Signing Portal

Employees manage their certificate and view their signing activity on the Entrust Remote Signing Portal.

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Entrust nShield HSMs

We store digital certificates on FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs from our own datacenter

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Every signature generated can also be timestamped with our RFC 3161- compliant timestamping service.

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Long-Term Validation

Leverage our Timestamping Authority and Online Certificate Status Protocol services to create LTV seals and extend your seals’ lifetime.

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