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Customer trust increases when stores have SSL certificates. Customer trust increases when stores have SSL certificates.

Entrust is more than a security company. We’re your partner — real people you can depend on to provide the security, focus and trust you deserve.

Entrust is one of the most trusted brands in online security with one of the most respected client bases, empowering governments, enterprises and financial institutions in more than 5,000 organizations spanning 150 countries. Entrust offers a wide range of certificates and services to help organizations protect their environments from outside threats. We take a best practices approach to providing our customers with the tools and resources they need to properly install SSL and configure their servers. Entrust’s award-winning software authentication platforms manage today’s most secure identity credentials, among which, is certificate management and SSL.

And while we do provide a full range of security solutions for all type of organizations, Entrust Cloud personnel have one with one purpose in mind – your protection. That’s why Entrust offers such a wide array of SSL Certificates, and has a 98.5 percent renewal rate for SSL customers. So we can help you build a layered, identity-based security approach that protects your customers and returns on your investment in multiple ways.

Why Entrust Datacard?

DeviceUseConsumers, citizens and employees increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences — whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks. They also expect the ecosystems that allow this freedom and flexibility to be entirely reliable and secure. Now, as part of Datacard Group, Entrust offers an expanded portfolio of solutions to make these ecosystems possible. Entrust offers software authentication platforms that strengthen security in a wide range of identity and transaction networks. Together, Entrust Datacard issues more than 10 million secure identities every day and manage billions of secure transactions annually.

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Wide Range of Products and Services

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificates are electronic files that are used to identify people and resources over networks such as the Internet. Digital certificates also enable secure, confidential communication between two parties using encryption.

Certificates are issued by a Certification Authority (CA). Much like the role of a passport office, the CA validates the certificate holder’s identity and “signs” the certificate so that it cannot be tampered with or altered.

Entrust offers a wide range of SSL and digital certificates to meet every security need.

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Entrust Service Excellence

WebTrust Seal

Entrust was the first certification authority (CA) in the world to earn the WebTrust for Certification Authorities (CAs) Seal of Assurance from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA). A WebTrust Seal provides you the assurance and confidence in the security of a public key infrastructure (PKI).

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Better Browser Trust

Entrust SSL digital certificates are trusted by more than 99 percent of all Web browsers in use today. From Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and the top mobile platforms, you can be sure Entrust SSL certificates are secure, trusted and interoperable.

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Get your SSL certificates from the best

An SSL site seal is much more than a fancy badge that websites display on their home page. The seals are actually used to verify the legitimacy of a site’s SSL certificate in real-time. You can check an SSL certificates authenticity, expiration date, certification authority and more.

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The Art of SSL Best Practices

Whether you’re new to SSL or possess years of experience with the technology, it never hurts to familiarize yourself with the security standard of the Internet. Entrust offers the best certificate management, website performance, and support tools on the market. We’ve compiled a collection of resources with useful information that will help you understand the technology — and even help you make important purchasing decisions.

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Entrust Site Seal

Easy to do Business With

Entrust is one of the easiest Certificate Authorities to do business with. Our customers love our dedicated sales representatives, flexible policies and integrated suite of products.

Mentor Graphics“It’s a beautiful thing to have the ability to generate certificates when we need them because we’ve paid for them up front. Or even have the ability to buy them ad hoc at the same time. It’s just easy.”
Cynthia Thorson, Web Administrator, Mentor Graphics

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